We're talking about way back to the beginning. This is like hitting the reset button if you will and I'll tell you why.

A key challenge for businesses is finding genuine ways to offer human connection while providing their services within a digital heavy marketplace through an omnichannel engagement approach.

Let's talk about the importance of human interaction in business as it relates to relationship building. After speaking with a considerable amount of industry professionals, coaches, consultants, and leaders, there is one common denominator that is ever present - implementing a more humanized, personal digital marketing program improves customer engagement.

When do I incorporate human interaction into my digital overall digital experience?

It is essential that we do not lose sight on the need of our human brain for human interaction, especially in the digital experience. Everything is digital at this point and after the COVID pandemic it is ever-present how connected everyone is through their devices. People still long for human connections. Every time you think about your digital facing presence, you should associate content with individuals, integrating a personal connection wherever possible, 100% of the time. It's a great way to engage, and let your customers know that you are a human and you connect with them at that very basic level.

How does human interaction elevate the digital experience?

It brings a sense of personalization that develops, trust, loyalty, and ultimately fosters a relationship with your customers. This works very well if you look at Facebook, for example, they have developed an ecosystem that fosters friendship and connection. We should always give attention to establishing those personal relationships with our clients - you will surely develop a trusted community and have a long future with them.

Four out of five marketers say human and personalized interactions are vital, and yet they report digital technology makes it difficult to replicate these interactions.

The reason I titled this "Back to the Basics" is because when you look out at the market, the human side of the equation, creating thoughtful human interactions with a personal touch is rare for most businesses. Everyone is rushing to leverage the latest technology and holding it over authentic human engagement. People think that they can just plug in and they will magically improve their business performance and customer engagement by paying for technology. That just does not work if you leave out the basic need of authentic human interaction.

There is a common marketing mindset that poses a problem for many companies. They blast emails to thousands of customers or prospects and these emails celebrate their products or services but have zero resemblance to a conversation or relationship. These things can work, don’t get me wrong, however, I can't stress it enough that we need to keep that human touch as an essential part of our digital plan.

We have everything to gain including lasting, meaningful, relationships with our customers, and they want that personal approach during their experience. Satisfaction with these large organizations that do not foster these relationships or care about that focus is declining. Some companies don't even list phone numbers on their websites!

I believe that the key to the most well rounded, cost effective approach is a well-balanced human touch with automation built in where it can complement the authentic human interaction and give more to your customers than they are looking for.

Thanks for reading!