With so much uncertainty about the future, it’s easy to fall into a negative mindset. Here are some ways we can cope.

The current COVID-19 situation has forced us to drastically change our everyday life which has created fear and uncertainty in many. Add to that the fact that long-awaited vacations, meetings with friends, or life cycle events have been canceled, and many people are dealing with an emptiness that can lead to a lack of motivation. However, this does not have to constitute a complete lack of general motivation.

In the current situation, it is essential for you to employ a healthy amount of self-reflection. Becoming aware of your mindset, emotions and thoughts can help you to recognize irrational mental patterns. In order to support self-reflection, you can journal or meditate, amongst other things, to help curb any fear that you may have within.

In order to get a better look at these issues, I asked a friend of mine a few questions who is a Psychiatrist, Dr. Akiva Daum of Kimmel Psychology and Associates, in Coral Springs, Florida.


What types of mindset changes should we be aware of to make sure that they don’t happen to us?

I would try and keep a mindset based in reality. It becomes easy to fall into a thought process of defeat or hopelessness. Focusing only on everything terrible and missing any positives. I would also try and avoid a belief that come January, everything will be all better. People may have decided that 2020 was just a bad year, and while I agree that there was a lot that went awry this year, certain existing concerns won’t simply go away because the calendar year changed. A pragmatic approach is probably the most beneficial. Focus on problem solving and moving forward as best as one can.


How can you keep yourself motivated when your business has come to a halt?

I think that it’s important to remember that, in business just like in life, there is always something to do. If you have run short on clients, focus on marketing, cleaning, balancing the books, trimming expenses where possible, etc. There is always something worth working on and hopefully, while you are priming and primping everything else, the clients will return.


How can someone deal with such disruption in their social life and business life at the same time?

For many, one of the biggest unseen challenges this year was balancing work and social life. When you switch from working in a separate location to working from home, boundaries are inevitably disrupted. I would encourage people to try and rebuild healthy boundaries. Get work done during work hours, if possible, in a differentiated space (even if it is simply in another room or a false divide like hanging a sheet) and then when the work day is over, focus on other life activities.

Socially, I would encourage people to think outside the box. We have probably all been exhausted by the thought of a virtual get together, but what about a virtual meal or board game with friends. The internet has made it so we can now have friends across the planet and even if we do not get to see them readily. We now just have to put these practices into place locally as well.


What are some strategies that will help us maintain a positive outlook on the future?

Think about past challenges and successes. We can learn and hold strong when we look at where we have come from. I’m sure that there have been difficulties in all our lives which we were able to pull through. Bear these in mind when you are feeling like there is no way out of this one. Also, use supports, family, friends, professionals. If we look at life with a team approach, we can more likely overcome obstacles.

I would also encourage us all to take baby steps. It’s great to have a big picture of what needs to be done, but sometimes this can just leave us feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Focus on accomplishing the little tasks that will lead to overall progress. The big leaps will come in time and they are built on our small jumps.


Why is taking time for yourself so important now?

Self-care is paramount to mental health. Taking time out in the day to enjoy something for yourself is not a selfish act. It will in fact, help you be more ready to tackle everything you need to get done. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t expect to successfully care for anyone else.


A motivated mindset sees the world and focuses on potential, change and possibility.

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