Look in the mirror, I am sure you see a superhero! If not, check back in with your inner child and make sure he/she is still available. After all, in order to run a business, you will need to channel that inner super hero – it’s necessary for effective leadership.

You started your own business to do something great. Only you can save customers and yourself, right? Why are you feeling burnt out? Why are you struggling to stay ahead? Why is it hard for you to get help from others? Everyone that runs their own business has issues just like Spiderman, Iron Man, Batman, and even Wonder Woman!

The point? We all have issues in this arena, even Superheroes; we all need some help. It comes down to effective leadership.

Top 10 Actions of Business Superheroes

Here are some tips that will help you be sure that your business can support your…..passion.

1. Do what you love.

If not, you will have to learn to love what you do. Lack of persistence is the biggest reason for business failure and the biggest reason for lack of perseverance is NOT LOVING WHAT YOU DO. Successful Entrepreneurs love what they do because they do what they love. If this is not the case for you then it’s time to determine what you love.

2. Strategic planning is not as complicated as it sounds.

This includes your Superhero self. Every Superhero has a plan, including clear long term plans and short term plans as well. Be sure to include elements such as your vision, values, mission, and specific SMART goals and daily actions that help you to stay on track.

3. Lead the way through action.

Superheroes lead and take action, consistently. Once your plan has been molded, you must translate this into actionable items and daily activities. Chipping away at the big picture over time will lead you to overcome immeasurable odds and complete huge projects that will pay their dividends in successes.

4. Tell your story.

Tell people who you are, “I am Superman”. Your story tells your prospects what your vision is, what you value, what your mission is, and how that translates to helping them eliminate their pain and solve their problems. Develop a couple different versions of your story (30 sec, 5 minute, 20 minute) and tell that story to anyone that is willing to give you their attention. Also tell it though meetings, memos, advertising, employee manuals etc..

5. Listen twice as much as you talk.

All great leaders (and Superheroes) listen twice as much as they talk. Pinpoint the pain and the problem first. If not you may address the wrong thing.

6. The main thing should remain the Main Thing in your business.

Focus on what is important by identifying your primary focus. Keep yourself and everyone else focused on that thing during meetings and throughout the process. Every day, realign that focus to the Main Thing.

7. Know the status of your business.

Iron Man and Batman leverage technology to keep a heartbeat of their business at the forefront of their decisions. What does that mean? Is your cash flow important? You better have a report. Do you use monthly financials to make better decisions? Well, you better start.

8. Never stop improving your business acumen.

Iron Man stepped up his suit game. Batman revolutionized his bat cave. All business Superheroes are constantly looking to learn and grow. Don’t forget about your team – they are part of the puzzle.

9. Develop deep relationships with your team and your customers.

Know your competition too! Your customers may be their customers at the moment. Develop deep relationships with those you want to “save”. Make sure that your team is happy and they know that you care. We want our sidekicks to want to be on our team!

10. Believe in Moving Ahead

The path to success includes a variety of twists, turns, and problems that are all a part of life and business. Problem solving skills coupled with enthusiasm are characteristics that Business Superheroes all have. They scrutinize problem areas and attack them fiercely, removing them as quickly as possible. Their productive mindset keeps them vigilant about their team and overall business ecosystem.


What would your Superhero self do? This is the question you must ask yourself the next time you need to make a tough decision or are facing a problematic situation. Soon you will be doing this on the regular without even thinking about it.

 “ You are much stronger than you think you are. Trust me”.


Thanks for reading and don't forget to ELEVATE YOUR MIND !