One day, I was told by a stranger in a line at the book store, “If you want to be wealthy and happy, learn this lesson: Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” At that point, I really walked away from that interaction with open eyes. The business of personal development is a forever commitment.

For what you become is far more important that what you get. You may be used to asking yourself “What am I getting?” However, you should be asking yourself “What am I becoming?”. What you become has a direct influence on what you get. I’ll put it into perspective for you: Most of what you have right now, today, you have attracted by becoming the person you are.

Another thing to think about it that income rarely exceeds personal development. Sometimes income can jump in an unprecedented way, but unless you can learn to handle the responsibilities that come with it, it will usually revert back to the amount that you can handle.

That which is not obtained from personal development is hard to keep…and so here is the great aphorism of life: To have more than you’ve got, become more than you are.

Let’s take a look at the 3 key parts to personal development:

I believe humans are unique and that our spiritual qualities make us stand apart from all other animals and creations. I am not a professional source in this area, but I believe that you can evaluate yourself and decide on what growth you want to attain in this area. Spiritual values can help build a strong foundation in your quest for wealth and happiness.

I would recommend being a student to the spiritual side of human nature. Whatever direction or belief system you gravitate towards, I suggest you read and educate yourself in order to develop in this area.


The body and mind operate in synergy. For our mind to have stamina to thrive, your body should be in as good of a shape as possible.

You have heard the phrase, “Your body is your home. Treat it with love and respect.” It’s your home, something you should take extremely good care of. Treat it with love and respect, not like garbage. Your home. Treat it appropriately.

We live here, in this physical body and that can translate to success I the marketplace. Feeling good about yourself, physical well-being, urges you to approach the marketplace with a sense of self-worth and self-confidence in many forms.

Do you have an exercise plan that you follow on a routine basis? If not, get one. There is no one size fits all, so find exercise that you enjoy and weave it into your routine. Do you watch what you eat? If not, make sure you do. Read up on it, educate yourself so you can make up your mind on a good health plan for you.

Then you look in the mirror, your physical appearance. Take care of yourself and be attentive enough to take care of your appearance in the marketplace. It has a lot to do with how other people will see you, whether it be o the job, in the community, or as a boss.

People should not judge me for my appearance. Let me tell you what…THEY DO! Should and shouldn’t will not prove itself to be a good basis on how to live your life. Look towards realities for this. Of course, as relationships develop, there will be a shift of judgement by others, but in the beginning it will be about what they see.

There is a saying that you should remember – “Be conscious of yourself, but not self-conscious.”  Write it on your hand if you have to!


The mind is the third key point. Expanding your mind, developing good thinking habits, good learning habits, going after ideas, and working on finding ways to apply them to the marketplace. This requires work, which is what I call mind exercise.

The third part to personal development is the mind—stretching your mind, developing good thinking habits, good study habits, pursuing ideas, and trying to find ways to apply them to human behavior and the marketplace. All of that takes exercising the mind, which is what I call mind-expansion.

Your eagerness to attack difficult subjects will give you an extraordinary edge in the marketplace. How is it that you can master these skills, extraordinary skills that make you a high performer in the marketplace? Mind-expansion. Many people avoid things that are difficult, but in the end that will leave you weak. You become ill prepared for the marketplace. So face the heavyweight obstacles head on – it may turn out to be easier than you thought.

Another aspect of mind-expansion is to look at both sides. Whether you are having a spiritual, political, or behavioral conversation/debate, see the other side. It is good to give people credit for the other side of the argument – given that they have made some good points, and even though you may not agree overall.

Can you imagine what you would become if you made a commitment to yourself to expand your mind? Could you imagine what you would learn, what insights and skills you would uncover?

Personal Development Cache

Part of all of this is developing what I call a personal development cache. Education and learning is not a process that ceases after you leave the university. It is a lifetime process. You have to stay motivated to learn and that’s how you elevate yourself into higher brackets in general, whether it be financial or social. You can become more useful, a better citizen, more productive, contribute more to your family, country, enterprise, the list goes on…. Be self-educated, strive to learn and work hard to develop these skills.

I understand the idea of self-improvement, self-help, and inspirational quotes, but keep in mind that mental candy alone will not suffice. You crave more than that. Your cache needs to be evenly distributed and balanced like a diversification of assets or a pantry in a kitchen. All the books that will make us as successful and happy as we want have already been written. People with varying stories from rags to riches or the opposite have taken the time to share their experiences and we can benefit from the wealth of knowledge that they have shared.

Developing the habit of reading is a major development in a sound philosophical foundation and a pillar that contributes to the attainment of success and happiness.


Thanks for reading and don't forget EXPAND YOUR MIND !