Manifesting is something that has been used for decades by company founders and CEOs, professional athletes, celebrities, prominent inventors and philosophers. Manifestation revolves around learning to recognize the Law of Attraction; learning to manifest is fundamentally about aligning your outer reality by practicing your feelings, emotions and belief systems.

Actions tell the world that your intentions are serious. This sets in motion a tremendous amount of energy that will allow your desire to manifest in your life.

Get straight about what you want to build exactly and do something about it.

I believe that there are 5 items that contribute to the manifestation you have been thinking about. There is not some secret potion to success, just some things that we don't think regularly and sometimes we just need to see it in from of us!



Get straightforward on what you want, why you want it, and ask the world to provide you with it. When you are not sure on what you need in the first place, the world does not provide for you. This could be potential customers, or maybe getting paid for the job you want to do, or maybe it's the new business you're most enthusiastic about.

  • Meditate on what you want and what that looks like to you. Bring clarity in your minds eye.
  • Set intentions for yourself. Hold yourself accountable. Be honest.
  • Visualize and feel yourself in your manifestation every single morning.



On an average human beings have almost 60,000 thoughts a day. 80 percent of those thoughts are negative thoughts, and 95 percent are repetitive thoughts! Still wonder why it is hard to manifest what we want in our lives and business?

Believing that you are deserving of having what you want is the greatest challenge for individuals to conquer when it comes to manifesting a desired outcome. If you don’t really believe that you deserve it, then it is nearly impossible to manifest.

It's time to rewrite the narrative with a meaningful regular affirmation or slogan as you begin to understand your repetitive thoughts and how they can negatively impact your business. As a few instances, consider the following:

  • “I release all expectations, flow freely and lovingly in my life and business.”
  • “I am deeply fulfilled by my work.”
  • “I hold unlimited potential to create good in my life and business.”
  • “I am open and receptive to success.”
  • “I am not a prisoner of my fears or doubts. I am free.”

Be sure to repeat it to yourself every day, maybe many times a day once you have developed your regular affirmation or mantra. Put it on your mirror in the bathroom, put it on your phone wallpaper, make it your background on your computer, put it next to your coffee pot. The affirmation may sound stupid at first, but you will begin to believe the new thinking over time and replace the old, restricted belief system.



You need to build space for what you want in your life after you have asked for it. That's what you call “putting in the work”. This is where you wake up day after day, constantly show the world that you are prepared to obtain what you have asked for in the first place. This allows us to clear out what no longer works and create space for the universe to offer you what it is you want. You are proclaiming to your life and existence that you are able to receive by doing. Here are some ways in which you can do this:

  • Modify limiting belief systems and/or toxic work practices.
  • Saying no to jobs or clients that do not represent you or serve your purpose.
  • Restructuring your life. Give yourself the space to accomplish the important things.



As far as the rule of attraction is concerned, like attracts like, and dislike attracts dislike. You are quickly transforming what could be more negative or restricting thoughts and energy, to ones of positivity, joy, and love, by finding gratitude in what you have now and thanking the universe for giving this to you. And who in their life doesn't want more of that?

When you find yourself in a negative space, breathe, consider the thinking, find compassion for yourself, and choose a new thought that is more in line with the way you want to feel. It is extremely difficult to go from profoundly pessimistic or limiting thoughts to positive and hopeful, but if you start incrementally with something like, "this is not forever," or "things will change," or "it will get better," this implies that by actually deciding to think of something else, you are changing the narrative.



The final piece of the manifestation is to surrender and trust that everything unfolds exactly as it should, both for professional achievement and personal fulfillment. There's only so much we can do, and if we have our thoughts and values aligned with what we want, if we do the job, make room to receive, and find appreciation for the success we already have, then there's nothing else to do but get out of the way and let the world help!

Now…..What do we do when we actually get what we want? Whether it's a new opportunity you've been trying so hard to attract, or your dream client walking towards you, we say thank you! We find respect and gratitude so that we can continue to receive from the world what we ask for. Like attracts like, don't forget that.


Thanks for reading and I wish that you all are able to MANIFEST YOUR DESTINY!